Monthly Archives: April 2012

Jonas is a child of God, and we hope he’s happy about it

I was cleaning Jonas’s room this morning and came across this picture (which, I assume, he made in Primary). All I can say is that the kid in the picture does not look particularly pleased to be a child of God. In fact, he looks like he’s downright terrified.

The subtle differences

Jonas just went to the bathroom. Me: “Pull up your underpants.”

Jonas: “They’re not underpants. They’re underwear. Underpants are for bad guys. Underwear is for good guys like me.”

Power Rangers

Brenna and Jonas have discovered Power Rangers on Netflix (oh, dear). They’ve only watched a few episodes so far, but I think they’ve got the formula down. Brenna was watching the Rangers battle the monster of the week. She said, “Now the monster will get really big, and the Rangers will turn into a giant robot.” Yep, she’s already figured out the show.

Then, during the “climactic battle,” she wandered into the kitchen for a moment. “They’re about to defeat the monster,” I said. “You’re going to miss it.”

“Oh, yeah,” she said, disinterestedly glancing at the television. “They always do that.”