Monthly Archives: June 2012


Just heard Jonas calling for me. I went in (after finding Brenna up, coloring, two hours past her bedtime).
Jonas: “Daddy, *yawn* I have *yawn* two questions *yawn*.”
Me: “Okay.”
Jonas: “Where *yawn* is my DS? *yawn* I won’t play it. *yawn* I just want to look at it. *yawn*”
Me: “It’s in our room. You can play it in the morning.”
Jonas: “Okay. My second question is *yawn* is *yawn* is *yawn* is *yawn* is *yawn* is *yawn* is *yawn* is *yawn* is…”
Me: “Why don’t you tell me in the morning.”
Jonas: “…*yawn* is *yawn* is it morning time yet?”
Me: “Sigh.”