Ruminations on books

Brenna and I are currently reading “The Magician’s Nephew.” We just read the chapter in which Aslan creates the world of Narnia out of an empty void. After we finished reading the chapter, we ended up talking about the allegorical nature of the chapter (and the novel as a whole). Brenna already understands that Aslan represents Christ, and we talked about how this was like the creation of the world, with Adam and Eve being put into the Garden of Even.

As we talked about the biblical Garden, Brenna wanted to know what happened to it. We discussed modern-day LDS thoughts about the subject (Independence, Missouri, for example). Specifically, she wanted to know where the Garden of Eden was today. I told her that I didn’t think it was still on the earth. She thought for a moment and said, “I think Jesus took it away because it wasn’t needed anymore, once Adam and Eve left.”

I don’t know if Brenna’s right or not, of course, but her thoughts are as astute as any I’ve heard. I was just impressed with how hard she was thinking about the topic. I really like that not only are we reading a fun novel together, but it’s spawning interesting discussions between a father and his daughter.

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