Tumultuous happenings

It’s been a crazy few days. The weekend was anything but relaxing, which Halloween activities, Brenna’s party, Brenna’s actual birthday on Sunday, chores, and at least a dozen other things that just seem to pop up when least convenient.

At least last week turned out all right. It cost a pretty penny, but I was able to recover most of my lost data and ended up losing only a few days’ worth of work rather than two months’ worth. Unfortunately I did end up losing a bunch of comments from writing group and most of my plot notes. It’s still baffling how both my primary files and all backups (all of which were on separate drives) could simultaneously be deleted, with absolutely nothing else affected. I’ve increased the number of backups, and hopefully the root cause won’t crop up again. I find writing to be difficult enough as it is; recreating something from scratch after it’s been deleted is nothing short of discouraging.

Now work is changing in odd ways. I’m not sure if these changes are an odd shift in a neutral direction or if they’re the first quiet portents of further changes (for good or ill). I really hope that the powers-that-be will provide answers and clarify the situation.

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