Kingdom Hearts II

Brenna, Jonas, and I beat Kingdom Hearts II this evening. I’ve only beaten the game once before, and I’d forgotten just how absurdly long the final boss is (even for a Squaresoft game). The kids got to bed late as a result, but they really enjoyed the ending. Brenna was especially pleased that the closing cinematic showed Sora returning the charm that Kairi gave him in the first game; she’s been wondering if that would happen (good memory!).

We’ve been playing KH1 and KH2 now for quite awhile, and I think it’ll be fun to play something else for a change. I’m thinking that Final Fantasy X might be fun for the kids, or perhaps VIII. They’ll enjoy the plots focused on summons. We’ve already beaten VII and IX, and I’m not in the mood for XII. After that…perhaps Chrono Cross, though I’m not sure I can deal with another incomprehensible plot after the two Kingdom Hearts games (especially the second one).

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