Saturday was my 32nd birthday. It was a good day–low-key but still fun. The kids let me sleep in (one of the best presents ever), and then Kristy cooked me a really fancy breakfast with pastries, eggs, bacon, and hash browns. After opening presents (Brenna was especially excited about me opening the Lego she and Jonas had gotten me), we bummed around the house for a few hours and accomplished absolutely nothing. Perfect.

Then we decided to head out for lunch. I also wanted to stop by the local downtown game store, and it turned out that Saturday was La Crosse’s “Historic Days.” A lot of the downtown stores had activities for kids, and Brenna ended up decorating a plastic fedora and painting a pumpkin. We also stopped by the Children’s Museum. Finally we ended up at The Pearl, a local old-fashioned ice cream parlor. Their cookie-dough ice cream was quite good.

We then headed over to the barbecue place for lunch. Jonas fell asleep in the car, and since the place did take-out, we decided to do that and eat at home. Brenna and I went inside and ordered (it’d take about 15 minutes to cook our food) while Kristy stayed in the car with the napping Jonas. Finally we headed home, put Jonas down for his nap, and the rest of us ate lunch. It was all right, but nothing special. Note for the future: don’t bother with Famous Dave’s barbecue.

The rest of the day was quiet. We had the usual artichokes and Chinese chicken salad that I request every birthday, followed by homemade cherry pie.  Kristy and I watched the Japanese version of “Dance With Me” (a fun ballroom dancing movie), and later, after the kids were in bed, watched the pilot episode of SeaQuest DSV (very cheesy).

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